How to Build and Launch a Ballot
Written by Sadaf Khan
Updated over a week ago

Ballot building is a simple process.

  • Use the Voters tab to upload your voter’s list.

  • Download the voter list template to construct the voter list in the correct format.

  • Click on the Settings tab to create a ballot title and configure ballot settings.

  • Make appropriate selections for Ballot Type and Anonymous Voting.

  • Click on the Questions tab to create ballot questions.

  • Click on Add Choice to add options or candidates to the question.

  • Make the appropriate selection.

  • Click on Voters > Import to import voters to the ballot.

  • Use the Select Ballot drop down menu to import voters from a previous ballot and click Import


  • Click on Import All Voters to import all voters to the ballot.

  • Use Email> Create Campaign to send voter emails to eligible voters.

  • Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate voter group.

  • Click on Activate Ballot to activate the ballot.

  • Monitor the results from the Reports tab.

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