What is a Voter URL?

The Voter URL is a link that you send to your voters, and lets them access your ballot to vote.

When they visit this link, they'll also see all ballots they are eligible to vote in.

And they won't see any ballots that they're not eligible to vote in.

Where is my Voter URL stored?

When you set up an eBallot account, you will get an email with your Voter URL link. It's also showcased on your dashboard.

How to share the Voter URL with your voters

We find email is generally the best way to send your Voter URL out to your voters, but any way that makes it easy for people to click on this link works (e.g. one of your website pages, or social media accounts).

  • Find your voter URL, either at the top of your Dashboard or in your email.
  • Paste this link into any email communication you send out when promoting your vote.
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