Step 1: Adding voters to your account

Note: Voters must be added to your account first, before you can add them to your ballots.

To add voters at the account level, visit your Dashboard and select the Voters option from the main navigation menu.

You can add voters instantly by choosing Upload Voter List or you can add them individual by choosing Add Voter. To import a list, make sure your file is in .csv format (or download our convenient template). 

If you choose to download our template, be sure to fill out all of your voters information and make sure to give each voter a unique username.

You can leave the access code column blank and our system will generate a one-time passcode for your voters.  

Step 2: Adding voters to your ballot

To add voters to a ballot, click on the Voters tab of your ballot.

You can then add individual voters by entering their information, or you can add all voters from your account to your ballot by selecting the Import option. 

If you have another ballot setup and you'd like to add the same voters from that ballot, you can choose from the drop down menu.

Have additional, last-minute voters?

It's easy to add voters to any active or under construction ballots.

To be clear: you may add voters to your ballot anytime, regardless of the ballot status (e.g. Under Construction, Active, etc.)

Just like when you initially uploaded voters, make sure you first import any additional voters to your account. Then, add them to your ballot.

Mass uploading vs. one by one imports

If you have a lot of voters, we recommend you upload them as a list to save time.

If you only have a few to add, you can add them one by one.

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