Use Questions and Choices to create ballots that resonate with the people who are voting.

Adding Questions

To add a question to your ballot, click the Questions tab of your ballot, then select Add New Question.

Question title

Enter a question to get started. 


  • Choose a nominee for President.
  • What should we order for lunch on Wednesday?
  • Select your top three destinations for our company retreat. 

Question type

Ranking lets the voter rank their choices based on their preference. 

Weighted Questions

This option lets you assign certain "weights" to a particular voters vote.

Response required 

Is a response mandatory? Choose yes.

Question instructions

We can auto-generate basic instructions for each question, or you can enter your own custom text. 

Filter-based voter questions

You can use filters to limit certain voters from voting on specific questions. You can also weight a voter based on the filter criteria. 

Adding Choices

Choice type

Choose between single or multiple choice.

Choice option

Enter an answer in the choice field.

Candidate option

The candidate option allows you to share candidate details like their image, biography, or a brief statement about the candidate.

Write-in option

Add a write-in option to let your voters enter a response of their own.

Abstain option

This option gives the voters the right to not vote for any of the nominees.

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