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Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry (SSIR)
Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry (SSIR)
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From 31 January 2023, all organisations intending to use alphanumeric Sender IDs in their SMS messages to Singapore mobile users must first register the Sender IDs.

Reservation of Sender IDs is available now via the SSIR portal.

What You Need To Do?

(This instructions is from SGNIC website, you may also view them here)

You will first need to create an account in the portal before you can log-in to reserve your preferred Sender IDs. Before you create your account, please ensure that you have the following information ready:

  1. Organisation’s registered name (based on ACRA), registered address & Unique Entity Number;

  2. Full name, contact number & email address of the person designated as your organisation’s Admin account holder in the portal. The Admin account holder in the portal will be able to create other User accounts for your organisation;

  3. List of participating SMS aggregators that your organisation works with to deliver your SMS messages. You will need to ensure that the aggregators you work with are participating in the SSIR. You can check the list here.

  4. List of Sender IDs you intend to reserve for your organisation; and

  5. Organisation’s Corppass for company verification purposes. If you do not have Corppass, SSIR may require your organisation’s utility bills or telecom bills.

SGNIC will process your application after your account is created. Once your account is approved, your Admin account holder will receive an email notification. You will thereafter be able to log-in to the portal and reserve your preferred Sender IDs.

Fees & Billing

(This information is from SGNIC website, you may also view them here)

There will be a one-time setup fee of SGD500 for each registered organisation, and an annual charge of SGD200 for each registered Sender ID. Prices are listed before prevailing Goods & Services Tax.

Reservation of Sender IDs for the Full SSIR Regime will be at no cost from 31 October 2022 to 30 January 2023. SSIR will commence billing organisations for their setup fee and Sender IDs from 1 February 2023 onwards.

FAQ by Eber

IMPORTANT!! What to do once I've successfully registered the Sender ID?

Your company is required to provide Eber a Letter of Authorisation, we have prepared the template and you may proceed with one of this options:

  1. Do a digital sign using this template via DocHub
    If you need some guidance on how to digital sign this copy, please view this 3 mins video we prepared.

  2. After you have completed your digital sign, let us know by email Eber via and indicate your account information.

What are the SMS aggregators you should choose from the form?


Twilio Singapore Pte Ltd

Sinch Singapore Pte Ltd

MOcean Pte Ltd

Why is there multiple SMS aggregators?

Eber will route SMS via different providers in case of service outage from one gateway. Important SMS such as OTP resend will be routed with premium routes.

What is the additional cost for my organisation?

In summary, one time cost of SGD500 and annually of SGD200 to keep one sender ID. Billing starts from 1 Feb 2023. Payable to SGNIC on 1 Feb 2023.

What if I do not register for my Sender ID and still send with Sender ID after 31 January 2023?

From 31 January 2023 onwards, all non-registered Sender IDs will be marked as “Likely-SCAM” as a default for a transition period of 6 months. Thereafter, messages with such non-registered Sender IDs will be blocked and not delivered to end-users.

Eber will likely block any non-registered SMS by 31 January 2023 to protect your brand identity.

To prevent your SMS being marked as “Likely-SCAM”. You may use Eber registered sender ID "EberSMS" if you are a customer completed our KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

What if I do not want to register or pay for the Sender ID?

Eber paid for sharing sender ID such as “EberSMS”. You may choose to use this sender ID without incurring additional Annual Fee from SGNIC.


Due to the importance of timely delivery of OTP SMS, some OTP SMS may not be delivered in your register sender ID.

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