You're now able to select the carbon avoidance projects you'd like to support, choosing from a selection of climate solutions and supporting your favourite via our Impact Shop. This article here will provide you with guidance on how to make a purchase via the Impact Shop.

For our subscription accounts, we'll still select two fantastic projects each month to purchase carbon credits from, with the aim to try and find new projects, meaning that your money will contribute to a wide range of carbon-reducing solutions.

Some of the projects we choose include:

- Solar ☀️

- Wind 🌬️

- Micro-hydro projects 💧

- Reforestation projects 🌳

- Generating electricity from waste biomass 🗑️

- Peatland restoration 🤲

To learn more about the carbon avoidance projects we have supported, please visit the Our projects page on our website. Furthermore, for any other questions on this subject, please contact us at

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