To go about selecting the carbon reduction projects Ecologi members will support each month, we consider these 4 factors:

1) Our Climate Committee, composed of industry experts and academics specialising in climate science, who help inform our decisions.

2) We carefully screen all potential projects for risk, identifying any natural hazards that might threaten the sustainability or success of the projects.

3) The type of project is also significant. We’ll never buy credits from projects that are nuclear or hydro (except from what is termed "micro-hydro" which produces less than 10 megaWatts of energy). We consider this to ensure that the projects we fund are not having a detrimental effect on local people or biodiversity.

4) Finally, we look to support projects with co-benefits. We look at how many of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals the project contributes to, as well as any other co-benefits for local people and biodiversity. These benefits may include; education schemes for local children, providing local employment with fair wages, and supporting the regeneration of local habitats 🌿

For more information on the projects we support, please visit our website here. Alternatively, for any further questions, please contact us at and we'll do our best to help 🙂

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