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I Got My First Order! What's Next?
I Got My First Order! What's Next?
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Congrats on your first sale! The great thing about dropshipping with Ecomartists, We handle everything. We draw, we check with the customer to make sure they are happy, and we ship the product.

1) Make sure you have a credit card on file for "order billing" so there is no delay in order processing.

2) You can check the production status of the order on "My orders" page inside the app.

3) When Drawing is ready for review, the customer will receive an email from "Order-approval" , it will look like it comes from your store, which is an unbranded link to "review the drawing" and leave feedback.

You can also view this "approval page" from inside the app, on the "My orders" page, from the "revision" column.

The tab turns green when customer leaves a comment.

Once approved, we will send product to production.

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