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Getting Started - Custom Products
Guidelines for Creating Custom Products
Guidelines for Creating Custom Products
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1) You Must Submit your custom product using the correct print-file template, for the correct product you are selling (correct DPI, pixels, etc).

2) Do Not try to upload a mockup as a design file, you must use the correct print file.

3) You must not submit drawing styles we do not offer. (no yellow style, no Disney style, no rick&morty, no nightmare before xmas, etc) (Requesting black n white in notes box is ok)

4) You Must Submit custom product files as PSD or Illustrator Files and Your templates must be using layers, and be under 150mb.

5) If Your template is complex, You must setup smart objects so when we put the drawing in, it goes into the correct location/size.

6) You must group PSD layers into FOLDERS, into "EA-CUSTOMER TEXT/DRAWING" for layers we need to edit, and "NO EDIT" for layers we do not need.

7) Rasterize and merge layers we do not need for editing, and reduce psd size by following these tips.

8) Please do NOT design with fancy filters/gradients/transitions, UNLESS you set it up as a smart object for us.

9) You must include the font files, if we need to edit text.

10) You agree you will NOT submit trademark designs

11) You agree you will NOT submit stolen artwork or designs.

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