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Setting up Shipping Rates in Shopify
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By default we DO NOT create Shipping rates in your shopify store.

It is recommended you setup shipping rates to pass on shipping costs to the customers.

How to Setup

1) Inside your shopify store, head to Settings menu

Choose "Shipping and deliveries"

2) Create a New Shipping profile

3) Name it "Ecomartists products"

4) Choose the Ecomartists products that you want to charge shipping on

5) Choose "Create Zone"

6) Choose the Countries you want these rates to show up for

7) Setup your "Rates", choose "Add rate"

8) Choose "Use Flat rate"

9) Set your rate name and Price

10) Hit Save, and Your done!



OPTIONAL: Increase shipping rate Price, when customer checkouts with multiple products

11) Choose add "Conditional Pricing"

12) Choose Based on Weight

13) All Ecomartists product variants have a weight of 1.0lb (0lb for digital files) , so we can use this information to scale the shipping price for each additional unit.

This is settings for 1 unit sold


This is settings for 2 units sold


You can keep adding additional rates, for up to 10 units sold. This will cover 99.9% of customers.

All done!

Can I offer free shipping?

Answer: Yes, you control what rate show on your store.

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