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To change your currency you need to do it inside your Shopify store. Ecomartists will recognize your default store currency and publish product prices in that native currency.

*all "base prices", ie the price we charge for drawing, is displayed in USD.

*if Your store currency is different from USD, you will see this reflected when you publish a product.

we auto convert the suggested "retail" and "compare price" to your native store currency. When you publish a product, it will publish using the correct value.

to see this in action.

Click on a product, choose "Edit product"

then you will see the suggested "retail" and "compare price". columns "MATCH" your shopify store currency settings.

If your shopify store is in AU, the suggested prices will auto convert from USD to AU. So when you publish a product on your AU store the suggested prices are correct and are in AU not USD.

If you published products in USD, but later changed your store currency, you will need to edit the prices in your shopify store, or republish the products.

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