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1) Download Printfile

2) Create your Design

3) Save Printfile as PSD & upload PSD into EA APP.

4) Choose 3-4 Mockups (Premium only - link found in app)

5) Update Smart object with your design & Save as Product images

6) Upload Product Images into EA APP, to create your product page.

7) Submit Custom Product for Approval

8) EA Team will review within 24hrs

9) Once approved, Custom product will Published to Your Shopify Automatically.


*Important to note: we currently do not allow personalization or using drawing placeholders in the message card design.

This example uses the "Fingerprint necklace" but, the process is the same for all message card products.

1) Open Message Card Printfile In Photoshop (Photopea.com for a free alternative)

2) Create Your Design

5) Next Choose Some mockups - (Premium only - link found in app)

6) Edit the mockup, add your design into the smart object and save as a jpg image

INSIDE TIP: make 3-4 different mockups ..

7) Head over to Ecomartist app and Choose the "Create Custom Tab"

  • Choose your "Message Card Product" of choice

8) Edit Product Prices, Title and Description. Then upload your Product files.

  • Upload your Product Jpg Mockups

  • Upload your PSD printfile template in the Ea App

9) Submit Custom Product for Approval

10) Check "My products" Page in app, to see your product status

*We Must Review Custom Products before being published to make sure our team can edit your custom design template when an order comes in.

*Once approved, Custom product will Published to Your Shopify Automatically with photo upload button on the product page

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