Why is My Order Unfulfilled in Shopify?
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Shopify changed the way dropshipping apps fulfill orders, You need to press the "request fulfillment" button inside shopify on the order details page.

*If Tracking is added in the Ecomartists app already, your order will be fullfilled right away.

*If tracking is not yet added in the ecomartists app, your order will be "waiting", and will be fullfilled when we add tracking.

*If your order is a digital file, we will fullfill with "DIGITAL_FILE"


*If you use our drawing service with another POD app, we will NOT fullfill your orders in shopify, even if you published the product from our Ecomartists app. You must get the tracking from your print provider, and manually add the tracking in shopify for your order. Any "fulfillment request" will be rejected by the Ecomartists app.

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