How to Extend Processing Time on Etsy?
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One Major flaw with Etsy is they will penalize you if you are "late" processing orders.

When selling personalized products, being "late" is the customers fault, 9 times out of 10.

Reasons why you need to Extend Processing time

  1. Customer forgets to send you a photo

  2. Customer asks for many revisions

  3. Customer is slow to reply

No matter the reason, you want to keep your Etsy account in good standing!

There is a Solution!

You can "update ship date" and extend your processing time, without seeing the dreaded "overdue" message.

Click on your order inside Etsy, and choose "Update ship by date"

Then choose +10days, to give plenty of time to finish revisions and production

Warning! You can only do this 1 time per order, so best to extend a good amount, we recommend +10days.

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