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How "No Revisions" Work?
How "No Revisions" Work?
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Based on feedback we have recently introduced the option to publish products from the app "WITHOUT REVISIONS" .

What does this means?

  1. Drawing Prices are reduced, You get the cheapest hand drawn art on the internet, while maintaining our incredibly high quality standards.

  2. We will still prepare any printfiles needed for the product, if there is any issue with printfile, we WILL edit, just contact our support team.

  3. You receive much faster turnaround times, You get your product sent to production or digital files delivered, much much faster, ie. same day drawing is finished.

  4. Your customer WILL NOT get any email to review drawing.

  5. Your customer WILL NOT be able to ask for changes.

  6. No Edits or Revisions will be made to the drawing.

Sell products with "No Revisions" at your own risk!

We highly recommend selling products with revisions. It increases lifetime loyalty of your customer. We have seen customers order 10+ times, just because they know they get the care they deserve when ordering personalized products.

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