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What Happens When Photo has More then 5 Subjects?
What Happens When Photo has More then 5 Subjects?
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We make it extremely simple to sell personalized products, which is why we do not price our drawing service based on the number of subjects in a photo.

For most products, unless otherwise mentioned, there IS A LIMIT on the number of subjects per photo. This limit is 5 people or pets.

Most of the time, this is not an issue, it is rare a photo has more then 5 subjects.

When photo happens to have more subjects then 5, we will change the order status to "pending - Extra Payment".

We will email or message you about the order with the issue, and ask what you would like to do.

1)choose 5 subjects

2)change photo

3)Pay additional Drawing fee to cover the extra subjects in each photo. ($5 per each additional subject over 5), we will send invoice to pay.

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