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Shop Pay and "Dynamic Checkout Buttons" on Product Page do not require photo, How to fix?
Shop Pay and "Dynamic Checkout Buttons" on Product Page do not require photo, How to fix?
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We are aware the customer can currently checkout without uploading a photo when choosing "Shop Pay" or another "Dynamic Checkout Button" .


Shopify only allows us to "require" photo on the add to cart button.


1) Create a product page template with the "Dynamic Checkout Buttons" turned off, and apply the template to EA products.

*we will make an app update Mid 2024 to automatically do this for you.

Step-by-Step guide:

1) Inside Shopify choose "Online Store", then "Themes" From the Menu bar.

2) Choose "Customize", on your "Current Theme"

3) Choose "Homepage" on the top of the browser page

4) Choose "Products", to change menu system

5) Choose "Create template" on the "products menu"

6) Name it "Template-without-Dynamic", base on "Default product"

7) Confirm your template is "selected" in the top menu bar

8) On sidebar, under "product information" choose "Buy buttons"

9) On Right sidebar, uncheck "Dynamic Checkout buttons"

*make sure "Add-to-cart button IS CHECKED

10) Save product page template

11) Exit theme settings

12) Choose Products, on main shopify sidebar menu

13) Find the EA Products you want to update, click into product settings.

14) Change product page template to "Template-without-Dynamic"

15) Save

16) Repeat for each EA product

17) Visit product page and confirm, shop pay is off & Add-to-Cart is On

*this only turns off "shop pay" on the product page, the customer CAN STILL use shop pay or paypal or any other dynamic buy buttons on the checkout page, and the photo+details will come thru without any issues.

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