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The importance of your practice website

Your practice website holds a wealth of useful links and services that patients may need and can benefit from. However, sometimes it's very confusing to understand what each of the available online services should be used for and how to find them.

Patients should be encouraged to visit your website to help them understand what services are available to them and so they can help themselves before contacting the practice to seek help (where appropriate).

It is worth checking what your practice website looks like on a mobile device, as 2 out of every 3 eConsults is carried out on a mobile or tablet. You can use ​a free website called​ to see how your website looks on both desktops and different mobile devices, as well as how it compares to other practices.

Placing of the eConsult banner for your website

Patients access eConsult on your practice website, so it is important that the eConsult banner is well placed. It should be easy and obvious to find on the landing page. Including the patient-facing video also helps patients understand how it works.

You can add additional smaller banners to other frequently visited or related pages, such as the ‘Results’, ‘Appointments’, ‘Online services’ and ‘Contact us’ pages.

We provide you with two types of banner:

  1. Dynamic banner - interactive and collapsable banner that can overlay your practice website or can be built into a content block.

  2. Static banner - an image that your patients can click on to be taken to the eConsult page for your practice. These are not interactive.

Find out more about the eConsult banner on our dedicated help article here.

Improving your practice website

Some of the feedback we get from patients is about how hard it can be to find information on practice websites. These are our top three suggestions for good website design, all designed to keep your patients online for as long as possible, instead of calling the practice with any and all queries.

Put key information on your home page

Make sure it’s easy for patients to find the information that they might otherwise call the practice for.

Common topics might include:

  • Administrative queries - you could link to administrative eConsults!

  • Updating personal details

  • Repeat prescriptions

  • Practice or Practice team information

Drive patients online using the dynamic banner

A prominent eConsult banner will make it easy for patients to access the platform. The dynamic banner pops up as soon as you land on the website, meaning it is the first thing patients see, but can easily be minimised to the bottom of the screen. Another option is to have a static banner on your home page, ideally in a prominent location, so it is one of the first things patients see.

Encourage an online interaction, not a call

Remove your practice phone number from your website’s home page (and your Google business account if you’re feeling brave) and move it to the ‘Contact us’ section. This will reduce the number of people calling straight after having searched for your practice, and drive people onto your website.

Move your phone number to the ‘Contact us’ page

Many patients will immediately ring the practice, especially when using their mobile phone, as it is a one-click action. By moving your phone number to the 'Contact us' page, you invite patients to explore the online options that you have invested in highlighting!

Examples of good practice websites



Tree View Designs

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