Every fund profile on Edgefolio has the option of generating a Factsheet or Monthly Report. On Edgefolio Premium, Managers have the ability to brand their profile with their logo and company colours. You can learn more about this here.

1. Monthly Report

We give you the option of uploading monthly commentary to your profile via the Commentary tab. Likewise, this tab can also be used to upload press releases and news articles - for example, you may wish to share a link to a recent award your fund has won.

When you select 'Monthly Commentary' in the 'Type' menu, this Commentary will automatically be fed into the Monthly Report. 

If you wish to upload your own Monthly Report to the document room and link to it via the Monthly Report button, then please upload using the 'Documents' tab, select 'Monthly investor newsletter' as 'Type' and the system will link up to the 'Monthly Report' button automatically. 

2. Factsheet

Your Factsheet is a pdf version of your Edgefolio profile. It contains all the information from your overview tab,  a volatility and tail risk analysis, as well as correlation with major indices. 

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