There are several types of fields within forms. This article will go over the different fields you may see while completing a form.


Dropdown fields can sometimes be incredibly long. To help minimize the list, begin to type the choice you are looking for and the list will automatically narrow down to fewer options.


With a date field, you can manually type in a date or click on the calendar icon to choose a date from the calendar that will appear on your screen.


The time field works just like the date field. You can manually type in a time or click on the clock icon to choose a time from the pop-up that will appear on your screen.

Manual Entry - Basic Text

Basic text fields are simply fields that allow you to type and answer.

Manual Entry - Rich Text

Rich text fields allow you to format your text inputs. You can also add things like links, pictures, tables, etc.

Attachments and Photos

Some forms will have the option to add photos and/or attachments. Image files can only be image files while attachments can be files like PDFs, images, Word docs, Excel worksheets, etc.

If you have the option for attachments on the form, you will most likely see an option to add additional files. If your form doesn't have this option and you would like to add it, you can contact us and request this be added.


Button fields are pretty straightforward. Click on the button that best answers the question.


In order to sign a form, click on the signature button. You can sign with your mouse if you are on a computer or your finger/stylus on a mobile device.

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