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5 minute set up of eesel AI
5 minute set up of eesel AI

A quick start guide to eesel AI

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1. Start a free trial on the site πŸ†•

2. Add Knowledge πŸ“–

You'll be taken to our onboarding flow. Add Knowledge that your eesel AI will use to based responses on.

2a. Use the scraper for public links 🌎

For instance, if you want to add your public pages like your help centre or your website as Knowledge, you can use our scraper. Simply drop in the root url and start a scrape.

2b. Use the extension for links behind a login screen πŸ”’

If you want to add pages from your company knowledge base, like your Notion or Confluence pages, use the extension. You'll have to install the extension here.

Then open some pages up, and "Import" them with the extension.

3. πŸ’¬ Chat with eesel AI

Simply ask a question here, and see the magic.

4. Head to the Dashboard πŸ₯³

Phew, that's your 5 minutes setup done. Head to the dashboard to:

  • Add more Knowledge

  • Integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams so you can chat there

  • Add a widget to your website so customers can chat there

Let us know if you have any questions about that :)

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