⚠️ Understand the impact

If you remove eesel from your new tab, both the eesel keyboard shortcut or browser action won't work in the new tab. You won't be able to use eesel from your new tab at all.

You'll only be able to launch eesel in other pages.

We strongly suggest you keep eesel in your new tab and only remove it if you're confident you've built the habit of using the keyboard shortcut. eesel can be a game changer for your workday and it's easiest to start using it from your new tab.

🤔 The steps

If you're officially ready to part ways with eesel on your new tab read on.

  • If you want to get the default browser new tab back, select "Show the default browser page" in your eesel preference settings. Read this for more.
  • If you want to get your previous new tab extension back, simply uninstall and reinstall the previous extension. Read this for more.

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