eesel comes with a set of default products, but the great thing about eesel is that you can track anything that you open in your browser. Let's see how to do that.

1. Open a document or page from the product you want to add

In this example, I'll add the Mozilla Web Documentation to eesel. So I open a page from this product:

2. Open eesel

While on this page, I open eesel by pressing command-e on Mac or control-shift-e on Windows (or by clicking on the eesel icon in the browser address bar):

3. Open the "Add product" settings

I click on the settings icon (the "cog") under the eesel search bar, and then on the "Add product" button at the bottom of the list:

4. Add the current page

On this screen, I can enter any URL that I'd like to add to eesel, or I can use any of the product suggestions. The product I'm currently on is the first suggestion:

I just click on this first suggestion, and my product is added!

5. Check that everything is working

The new product should now be visible in the products lists:

(if it shows "0" next to the product name, you'll just need to reopen eesel to show the actual number of documents)

When you reopen eesel, you should see the page you're currently in at the top of the list, and the other documents from this product that you've visited in the past:

The next documents you open from this product will also start showing in eesel automatically.

If you want to be more granular on the type of pages you want to track with this product, check our guide on how to customise product rules.

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