Folders are a handy way to group related pages, so you can have a source of truth for a project, a customer, a process and so on.

You can set rules so pages get automatically ✨ added to folders and things are always up to date. You can also share folders with teammates, even if they don't have eesel.

1. Create folders ➕

Create a new folder by clicking + and selecting "New folder", or by typing the /eesel folder new command in your eesel.

From there you can set your name and favicon for the folder.

It will then guide you to add some pages to the folder, and set rules for pages to automatically get added. What're rules about, you ask? 👇

2. Add pages to folders automatically ✨

We've all made a bookmarks folder, a Notion or Confluence workspace and so on, but struggled to keep up to date. This is where folder rules come in and are really powerful.

You can set up rules so pages automatically get added to a folder, as you work. To configure a rule, open the folder, click on “Add pages” and head to the “Automatically” tab.

From here, the magic starts. For example, here's a simple rule I can configure so that pages I open with “Feature X” in the title get added to the “Feature X” folder.

A blue banner pops up when pages automatically get added, and you can always undo that.

From nested rules to different rules on "titles"/"URLs" to "Or"/"And" conditions, rules can get quite powerful. Here's a guide that gets into these details.

3. Add pages to folders manually 📄

There's a button to quickly drop pages into a folder for when they aren't automatically added.

You can also head to a folder, click "Add pages" and head to the "From eesel" tab to add pages tracked in eesel.

Likewise, you can use the "From a link" tab for other links.

4. Share folders 🔗

You can share folders with teammates, even if they don't have eesel. Shared folders are a handy way for the team to have a source of truth and find pages easily, without pinging each other on Slack 🤪

It's also a nice way to easily see what everyone's up to, as whenever a page gets added to a folder, it'll pop up for members. If they have eesel installed, it pops directly in the new tab 🤩

One way to share is to simply copy and share the folder url directly. You can also share the folder by email, by clicking the "Share" button in the top right of the folder, and typing up emails.

When sharing, you can choose to configure permissions to be either "Viewer" or "Member". "Viewer" means they can view the folder, and "Member" means they can view, and also add or remove pages and members of the folder.

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