How to set up ChatGPT for Confluence
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We’re a Slack app and Browser extension focused for Confluence, making it easier to answer the questions you have about your Confluence pages.

1. Start a free trial from the Atlassian Marketplace

2. Create an eesel account

3. Install the browser extension

After you create an eesel account, we'll guide you to our onboarding. The first step of our onboarding will have a button to Install a browser extension.

4. Open up a Confluence page (or many!)

For instance, we've opened up this page Jira Service Desk Cloud.

5. Open the popup of the extension you installed, and hit “Import current tab”

6. Head to your Dashboard and chat with your Knowledge

7. Optional: Chat with your Knowledge in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Confluence

You can also integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams so your team can talk with your Knowledge there directly. Simply head to your Dashboard, and head to "Chat" to see the different options.

Alternatively, you can also set it up so you can chat with your Knowledge in Confluence as explained here.

Let us know if you have any questions about that :)

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