Watch the video for a brief demonstration on how to send an ad hoc email. Alternatively, skip the video for instructions below.

Sending an ad hoc email

  1. Go to Communications > Ad Hoc
  2. Enter a sender email address (use "Sender name" <> to show a name instead of email)
  3. Select the email to send
  4. Enter any necessary filters on the 'Search' page
  5. Click "Search"
  6. Select the checkbox for the people you want to email OR select "All" to select all records
  7. Click "Proceed"
  8. Preview the email and click "Proceed" to send immediately OR "Send later..." to send at a specific date/time


  • If you enter a "BCC" email address, that email address will be blind carbon copied on all emails sent
  • We aim to send emails at a rate of 10 per second
  • Registrations and password requests will always be prioritized over batch emails
  • Once emails have been sent, they cannot be retracted or stopped

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