Eventsforce provides an "Admin registration" option allowing you to complete the registration on behalf of an attendee. Completing an admin registration allows you to register an attendee without knowing their password. 

Completing an admin registration

  1. Go to the event in which you want to register the attendee
  2. Click the "+" icon in the top left and select "Registration"
  3. Proceed through the registration as normal
  4. (Optional) Select to send a new registration email to the "Attendee" prior to completing the registration (see below)


  • You will not be asked for a password even if the person being registered already exists in Eventsforce
  • You will not see some design options such as the "event logo" to simplify the process
  • You may see additional "admin portal only" questions which an attendee would not see 
  • You will see additional payment options such as "Freebie" and "Admin price override"
  • By default, no confirmation email is sent to the attendee

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