Adding capacities in Eventsforce is a great way to prevent overbooking of items such as; days in your event, sessions, bookable items, and quantity bookable items. 

Tip: You can apply a capacity to multiple sessions at once from the 'Sessions' page. See "Changing session capacity in bulk".

The capacities for all items can be managed on a single page by going to Setup > Event > Capacity

Adding capacities

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Capacity
  2. Change the 'Registrations' dropdown from "Unlimited" to "Limited"
  3. Enter the capacity on the right hand side
  4. (OPTIONAL) Choose to enable a "notification" to send when a specified percentage of your capacity is reached
  5. Click "Save"

What are in-progress registrations?

A registration which has started but not completed is considered "in-progress". In-progress registrations will reserve a space in your event, allowing the person time to complete. A registration will remain in-progress until one of the following has occurred:

  • the person completed the registration (using the same browser)
  • the person is timed out after 2 hours

In-progress registrations are shown to the right of "Used" registrations on the 'Capacity' page.

More information about in-progress registrations and abandoned registrations can be found in our "What are abandoned registrations?" article.

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