Linking registration pages in your event can make the event setup process quicker and more efficient. With linked pages, you can build a single registration page instead of building pages for each attendee category. 

Even when linking registration pages, it is still possible to set up registration questions that only apply to certain categories

Linking registration pages

Be sure you have multiple attendee categories active in your event prior to taking these steps: 

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration pages
  2. Find the registration pages for the attendee category that you want to link to another category
  3. Click the "Use same page as..." dropdown and select the registration page to link to
  4. If using multiple pages, follow steps 2-4 for each additional page
  5. Click "Save" 

Once the pages have been linked, only the 'parent' page (page being linked to) will have an "Edit" button. All changes must be made in the 'parent' page.

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