Within Eventsforce, you can create hyperlinks to pages that already exist in your Eventsforce website. When the attendee is being taken to another page within Eventsforce, you can allow the hyperlink to open in the same window. 

Adding an internal hyperlink

  1. Go to Website > Content > Website Pages
  2. Hover over 'Add here' and select "Text Block"
  3. Enter the text for your hyperlink and highlight it
  4. Click the 'Insert/edit link' icon at the top of the menu
  5. Find and select the page you want to link to from the 'Link list' drop-down (custom pages have "Additional:" before the name)
  6. Within the 'Target' drop-down, select "None"
  7. Click "Save"

Select the "Add internal link" chapter in the video below:

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