A key part of your event process is inviting people to register. Before sending the invitation, you will want to update and fully test your invitation email. Unique invitation emails can be configured for each attendee category.

Your invitation email should have basic content by default, including various personal links (register, decline, visit website) as well as tags populating the invitee's name, the event name, and event date.

You may decide to add/remove links, add a conference logo or banner, or a custom signature. Most importantly, be sure to include a link to register; Eventsforce recommends using the "personal registration link".

Editing the invitation email

  1. Go to Communications > Invitations
  2. Click to "Edit" your 'Invitation Email'
  3. Use the 'Tag List' on the left hand side to add event data or attendee values
  4. Click "Test" to test your email as it exists currently
  5. Click "Save" to save your invitation email


  • When changing the sender address, save the value by clicking "Invite" at the bottom (do not proceed with the sending)
  • You must have at least 1 invitee in your invitation list to send a "Test" email
  • Make sure you provide attendees with a link to register (personal registration link)
  • Use the "personal decline link" to capture the email address of those who decline the invite

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