The 'Event Display Mode' allows event managers to control the visibility of the event app in two ways:

  • Only attendees can see the event - your event app will be listed within the Eventsforce container app if the person is registered for the event (using the same email)
  • Hidden (Protected) - app users must enter a passcode to find your event app

Tip: Eventsforce recommend selecting "Only attendees can see the event" for your app visibility.

Protecting your event app visibility with a passcode

  1. Click on the "Event Setup" tile within the MCM dashboard
  2. Within the "Setup" tab, scroll to the 'Access Setup' section
  3. Select "Hidden (Protected)" from the "Event Display Mode" dropdown list
  4. Enter your choice of passcode in the "Passcode for this event" field
  5. Click "Save"

Who can download your event app?

By default, there is only one option for who can download your event app within the Eventsforce container app; "Anyone who can see the event can download". Potential configurations below:

  • (Recommended) If 'Event Display Mode' is equal to "Only attendees can see the event" = only allows registered attendees (based on email) to download the event app
  • If 'Event Display Mode' is equal to "Hidden (Protected)" = allows anyone with the 'passcode' to download the event app (person does not have to be registered)

Logging in as an attendee

To give the best attendee experience, we recommend that your attendees login to your event app. By logging in, users will be able to:

  • View sessions they have registered for
  • Participate in chats within the event app
  • Save favorite sessions, presenters, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees
  • Amend their profile and make it public to other event app users
  • Download protected documents
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