Attendee groups can be created and applied to attendees within the Eventsforce mobile app. Using groups allows functionality such as "group chats", where attendees can chat with others in the same group. 

Creating groups in the MCM

  1. Click on the "Type Setup" tile within the MCM dashboard
  2. Click on the "Group" tab
  3. Click on the “+” icon
  4. Enter a "Group Name" and optional description
  5. Select the "Enable Group Chat" checkbox to allow attendees to participate in a group chat for the group they have been assigned
  6. Click "Save"

Adding individual attendees to a group

  1. Click on the "Assign Attendee" icon
  2. Click on the “+” icon
  3. Search for an attendee’s name or company and tick those you wish to add
  4. Click "Save and Exit"

Adding all attendees to a group

  1. Click on the "Add All Attendee(s)" icon 
  2. Click "Ok" to confirm

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