Polls can be used to capture answers from attendees to single or multiple questions. Polls can be linked to sessions, and results can be made public within the app.

Creating and editing polls

Ensure the "Poll" module is active within the "Design Manager & Theme" tile. Read more about "How to enable and disable modules within the MCM".

  1. From the MCM dashboard, select the "Poll" module on the left
  2. To add a new poll, click the “+” icon from the 'Poll List' section
  3. Enter a title and optional description
  4. Select "Show Result" to display results to the user once they have completed the poll
  5. Select "Link this poll to event home page" to make this poll visible to attendees within the "Poll" module of the event app
  6. Click "Save & Next" to proceed
  7. If you only want to accept responses within a certain time frame, specify the opening and closing date/time of the poll (go to step #8 if the poll will remain open)
  8. Click "Skip" OR "Save & Next" to proceed

Adding a poll question

  1. Click the “+” icon from the 'Poll Questions' section to add a new question
  2. Enter the "Question Number" which is the order the question appears in your poll
  3. Enter the poll "Question" (example: What is your favorite color?)
  4. Choose the "Question Type", depending on whether you want to allow for multiple answers or a single answer 
  5. Add poll "Responses" which are the answers to your question, separated by commas (example: Red,Green,Blue)
  6. Repeat steps #1-5 to add additional poll questions
  7. Click "Save & Next" once all poll questions have been added

Linking polls to sessions

Created polls can be linked to one or multiple sessions in your event. Polls can be assigned to sessions at the end of the poll creation process:

  1. Proceed through the steps above until you reach the "Link Poll to Sessions" page
  2. Select the session(s) you wish to link this poll to (if any) 
  3. Click "Save & Finish" to complete
  4. You can edit an existing poll by clicking on the 'pencil' icon, or delete by clicking the 'red cross' icon next to the name of the poll

You can also link a poll to a session by editing the session itself:

  1. Go to the "Sessions" module on the left hand side
  2. Click to 'edit' one of your existing sessions
  3. Select the "Poll" tab along the top
  4. Select the poll(s) to assign
  5. Click "Save & Next"

Accessing poll results

  1. Select the "Survey/Poll Reports" tile within the MCM dashboard
  2. Select the "Poll" tab at the top
  3. Select a "Poll Type", choosing either an "Event" poll or a "Session" poll
  4. Use the "Select poll" dropdown list to choose the poll you want to display results for
  5. Choose a "Poll View", selecting from a "Bar chart" or a "Pie chart"
  6. To download responses, click on the spreadsheet download icon

Attendee view of polls

See below for a demonstration of how an attendee can view and answer a poll in the mobile app. 


  • Polls you have created will be available in other event apps
  • Polls will not display to attendees until they have been "Published" (see "How to preview and publish your Eventsforce mobile app")
  • The "Send Certificate" feature is not currently active within polls
  • If scheduling polls, dates will use the "mm/dd/yyyy" format
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