Information about your exhibitors can be added to your event app. Attendees can then view exhibitor profiles for more information. If you choose, exhibitors can be invited to complete their own profile.

Adding and editing exhibitors

Ensure the "Exhibitors" module is active within the "Design Manager & Theme" tile. Read more about "How to enable and disable modules within the MCM".

  1. From the MCM dashboard, select the "Exhibitors" module on the left
  2. To add a new exhibitor, click the “+” icon from the 'Exhibitor List' section
  3. Enter a exhibitor name (required) and any other information (optional)
  4. Exhibitors can be grouped together by selecting an "Exhibitor Type" from the dropdown list or click "Add Type" to add a new exhibitor type
    Note: Exhibitor categories can also be used to group your exhibitors. New categories can be added in the "Type Setup" tile from the MCM dashboard
  5. Click "Save & Next" to navigate to the next tab
  6. You can add additional information and social media details in the 'More Info' and 'Social Info' tabs
  7. You can add relevant documents to an exhibitor’s profile page within the 'Image & Documents' tab
  8. Click "Save & Finish" to complete
  9. Use the pencil icon to edit an exhibitor. Use the red cross icon to remove an exhibitor

Inviting exhibitors to complete profile

Within the MCM, you can choose to invite the exhibitor to complete their own profile. This requires that you enter a valid email address against the exhibitor.

  1. Follow the steps above to add an exhibitor and be sure to enter a valid email address
  2. Click "Save & Next"
  3. Click the "Add or Edit Exhibitor" tab at the top
  4. Click the second icon on the right to invite the exhibitor
  5. Click "Ok" to the message

Exhibitor completes their own profile

Once invited, the exhibitor will receive an email with a login link and access code to their exhibitor profile. The exhibitor can then manage and update their profile as needed. This process is shown below:

Attendees viewing exhibitors in app

Below is a brief demonstration of how exhibitors can be viewed within your app by attendee:


 The following tabs/functionality are currently not available for use:

  • Booths
  • Products/Services
  • Attendee
  • Appointments

Enable the "Feature Exhibitor" check box to make this exhibitor appear at the top of your list. 

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