Before attendees can access the VCD for an event, the attendee must first be registered for the event in Eventsforce. Once registered, the data will be passed over to the VCD within 60 minutes. Once the attendee has successfully registered, the event manager can provide access to the VCD by sending an email from the VCD event.

Note: If your event uses exhibitors and allows exhibitors to manage their own profile, please read our article titled “How can exhibitors manage their own profile in the VCD?”.

Accessing the VCD event as an attendee

Attendees can access the VCD from a link provided via email, or a public link on a website. As the VCD event content will be unique to each attendee based on their interests and session selections, each attendee is required to login to the VCD. A token for each attendee is passed over from Eventsforce, allowing access without the need for a password. The login process will appear as follows:

  1. Send invitation email to attendees from the VCD event (first batch sent by VCD event manager)
  2. Attendee clicks link to visit VCD event

Note: Please speak with your VCD event manager about auto invites after the first batch is sent.

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