Attendees who access the VCD event will be able to choose interests/tags which apply to them, along with interests/tags that they are seeking information about for the purpose of matchmaking. The data collected will be used to make “smart” suggestions on who attendees may benefit from meeting with.

Event managers will be asked to provide a list of interests/tags during initial VCD event configuration. The same list of interests/tags will be available to choose from for what applies to the individual as well as what they are seeking. To make changes to your list of interests/tags, please contact your virtual delivery content manager at Eventsforce.

Note: Each attendee must select at least one interest, and one product they provide.

Selecting tags and interests

By default, attendees will be asked to choose their interests and tags when logging into the VCD event for the first time. In addition, tags can always be amended by attendees by editing their profile on the ‘Home’ page and selecting “Edit Tags”.

Note: Attendees can update their profile and change their tags and interests at any point in time. After changing interests, the smart suggestions will update within 60 minutes.

Smart suggestions for attendees

Once interests and tags have been chosen by attendees and sponsors, the VCD event can make “smart” suggestions on who the attendee may benefit from meeting with. On the ‘Home’ page of the VCD event by default (this can be removed if you prefer), attendees will see an area for “Recommended sponsors” and “Recommended attendees” and can see which tags were used for matching.

Match types

There are various “levels” of matches within the VCD event. The level will depend on how many common interests/tags exist between two parties. The levels of match are shown below:

  • Ideal match - 100% of matching tags
  • Strong match - 66% and up of matching tags
  • Verified match - 33% and up of matching tags
  • Match - less than 33% of matching tags
  • Potential match - at least one matching tag
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