Event managers can use the ‘Stats’ feature in the VCD admin area to get more detailed information about their event. Event managers can filter their data by date range and have the ability to export all data to separate CSV files. The stats page provides graphs and charts for the following:

  • Attendees
  • Invited Attendees
  • Actions
  • Exhibitors
  • Events
  • Abstracts/On Demand Content
  • Posts
  • Collateral

Viewing and filtering stats

Event managers must first access the admin portal of the VCD in order to access the ‘Stats’ feature. Once logged in, event managers can take the following steps:

  1. Hover over the vertical menu bar on the left hand side
  2. Select Stats > Stats
  3. Use the ‘Date Range’ dropdown to choose a date range to include stats for or select a pre-defined date range (example: Pre-Event, During Event, Post Event), then click “Apply”
  4. View the charts/graphs directly on the screen OR click ‘Raw data’ for the raw data used in chart/graph
  5. (Optional) Click “Full Screen” to open a new window with the charts and graphs displayed in a full screen view

Note: Jump to specific areas of the page by selecting the type of content along the top (example: ‘Actions’, Events’, ‘Posts’).

Exporting stats

Data for the graphs/charts can also be exported outside of the VCD. Selecting “Export” will email the event manager a zipped file containing a CSV file (Excel) file showing raw data for each chart/graph. The “Export” option is located in the top left of the ‘Stats’ page:

Once “Export” has been selected, an email will be sent to the event manager containing a link to download the zipped file containing CSV files with data for each graph.

Website activity stats

Event managers can switch from viewing stats about attendees and VCD content to ‘Google Analytics’ which provides further detail on website activity. Event managers can access these stats by doing the following:

  1. Hover over the vertical menu bar on the left hand side
  2. Select Stats > Stats
  3. Select “Google Analytics” at the top
  4. Allow page to load stats regarding website activity
  5. (Optional) Filters by ‘Date Range’ and click “Apply”
  6. (Optional) Click “Full Screen” to view the information on a full screen
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