Event managers have the ability to create advertisement campaigns to display ads across various areas within the VCD event. Advertisement space can be sold for the purpose of generating revenue while giving sponsors the ability to promote their organization.

Note: Each advertisement type will require specific file dimensions for proper display on the page.

There are various ad types that can be used in the VCD, depending on where you want the advertisement content to appear. The different ad placements allow event managers to sell advertising space as different rates. The advertisement types and graphic sizes are below:

  • Desktop Ad Banner (1000 x 75px) - banner appears directly below horizontal menu bar on all pages when viewing VCD on desktop (non-mobile device)

  • Interstitial Ad (500 x 500px) - square popup that appears when visiting the ‘Home’ page (popup must be closed by user)

  • Sponsored Post Ad (800 x 800px) - square ad that appears on the right hand side of the page

  • Square Ad (300 x 300px) - square ad that appears on the left hand side of the page

Screenshots of the VCD are included below pointing out where each ad will appear on the page.

Uploading sponsor graphics

Before advertisement campaigns can be created in the VCD, event managers must first upload the advertisement graphics to be used. Graphics can be uploaded by doing the following:

  1. Login to the admin portal of the VCD

  2. Go to Ads > Ads

  3. Select the type of ad you want to upload a graphic for

  4. Select “Create” on the left hand side

  5. Add a name for the ad

  6. Browse and upload the image from your computer

  7. Enter any additional information required about the ad

  8. Click “Save”

Note: The event manager will be asked for different information based on the type of ad being created.

Creating ad campaigns

Event managers can create and schedule ad campaigns within their VCD event to control which sponsor ads appear in which locations, and specify a rotation order when using many sponsors. To create an ad campaign, take the following steps:

  1. Login to the admin portal of the VCD

  2. Go to Ads > Campaigns

  3. Select “Create”

  4. Enter a campaign name

  5. Enter a “Weight/Rotation Order” which allows the VCD to prioritize ad campaigns

  6. Set up the campaign schedule (start date/time, finish date/time)

  7. Configure the ‘Desktop Placements’ for desktop ads on various pages by selecting the ads that should appear and entering a “weight/rotation order” for each

  8. Configure the ‘Mobile Placements’ for mobile ads on various pages

  9. Determine the ‘Audience’ based on membership and interests

  10. Click “Save”

Note: When creating an admin campaign, hover over the ad name to see a preview of the graphic that would be displayed.

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