Once you've created a location for your online ordering site, the next step would be to add a menu time to the location.

What are Menu Times?

A menu time is another name for a menu.  Why didn't we just call it "menu"? Because we wanted something that sounded complicated so we could charge more. Just Kidding...

Basically, menu times are your menus which have different times.  Examples of menu times are breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner and dinner. Linner is a thing, right?  

So your breakfast menu might go from 7am to 11am.  Then your lunch menu might go from 11am to 4pm. And dinner from 4pm to 10pm.  Each of these menus can have different categories and items associated with them.  Of course, if you only have one menu all day, then you only need to create one menu time and you're done.

Alternatively, you can create separate menus for things like catering or special events.

In your Online Ordering Console, you can create a menu time by selecting "Restaurant Manager" from the main menu, and then selecting "Menu Time" under the "MENU SETTINGS" heading.

Then click the "+ Add New Menu" button.

Or just jump to menu time creation page here:


Let's walk through the details you'll need to provide for each menu time.

Display Name

Select a name that will appear on the "Menu" page of your online ordering site, such as "Lunch" or Dinner".  If you only have one menu, you can enter something generic like "All Day" or "Online".

This is how the menu time display name will appear to your customers:


This is what will appear as a part of your online ordering site's website address.  For example:


NOTE:  you can have duplicate display names for a menu time.  For example, if you have multiple locations, and the lunch menu items are different at each location, you could create a different menu time with the display name "Lunch" for each location.  However, the URL tag must be unique.  For example, you could add the location to the URL tag, like this:



This description will appear to the customer once they have selected this menu time.  
This is an optional field that can be used to explain details about a menu, if necessary.

Private Tag

This is an optional field that would create a tag that is only visible to you in your Online Ordering Console to differentiate between similarly named menus.  

For example, if you have a different "Dinner" menu for different locations, you could add the location to this field.


Now you're able to define whether and when the menu time will be visible to customers.

You can select if the menu is always visible, or whether it will be hidden from the online ordering site (but can still be accessed if a customer knows the URL of the menu). This is a manual on/off selection, according to whether you check or uncheck the box.

You're also able to define whether the menu should only appear after a certain date, or until a certain date.  This can be used for special menus that are only available for a limited time. Using this option will actually "hide" the menu until the start date and then hide it again after the end date.

Finally, you can choose to display the time frame that a menu is available, either by defining the Starts at and Ends at times for every day, or you can get more granular, and define the specific Starts at and Ends at times for each day of the week. For example: If you have a "Breakfast" Menu Time set to start at 7am and end at 11am, and a customer tries to order from that menu at 12 pm, the system will provide an error message at checkout with the Breakfast Menus available times.

Currently shown at

Each of the Restaurant Locations you've created will appear here as options for where your menu can appear.  Select the appropriate location(s).

Note that you'll need to select at least one location here, otherwise your menu won't show up. 

Delivery Fee Adjustment

This optional field allows you to enter a surcharge to your standard delivery fee if the customer orders from this menu. This can be a dollar or percentage amount. 

Make sure to click the "Save This Information" button, and you've created your first menu time!

You can repeat this process to add another menu.  And another.  And another.  Or stop at one.  Your choice.  But if you do have multiple menus, you can use those little Sort Order arrows to rearrange the order of how they'll appear to your customers.

That's it!  Next you can add categories to your menu.

Continue to the next step:  Add menu categories


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