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Add PDF file to article
Add PDF file to article

Read here how to add a PDF file to an article.

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There are two ways to add a PDF file to an article. The article consists of a PDF file or you add a PDF to an article as an attachment.

PDF file as an article

Instead of writing an article yourself, you can also upload a PDF file. This is very useful if you already have certain information in a PDF, so you don't need to type everything again.

When creating an article, you will be asked whether you want to write the article yourself or upload a PDF file. If you choose to write an article, you will enter the article editor. If you choose PDF, you can upload a file and then view it in the PDF viewer.

If you initially chose to write an article yourself but would prefer to upload a PDF instead, you can switch from the article editor to the PDF viewer by clicking on 'Use: Article Editor' and switching to the PDF viewer.

⚠️ Note: You can only add one PDF file per article. Also, keep in mind that if you have uploaded a PDF file, you can no longer write an article, and vice versa.

File as an attachment

You can also add a (PDF) file to a self-written article as an attachment. This must be opened separately to view, similar to an attachment in an email. You can add a file by clicking on 'Add file' to the right of the article. You can add multiple files and file types.

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