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Open shifts

You don't need to fill all shifts yet, you can also publish open shifts. Read more about it here.

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An open shift is a shift for which you don't have a team member scheduled. You can easily recognise an open shift in the schedule by the white circle with red lining.

Pick up open shifts

What's convenient about open shifts, is that team members can register for these shifts. They can only do this in the Eitje app. All you need to do as a manager is to accept the request, unless you enabled the automatic approval of pick-up requests in the schedule settings.

You can use the pick-up system in Eitje. When publishing an open shift we send out a pick-up request to your team members, optionally with a notification, so they can sign up for this shift.

Who can respond to a pick-up request?

Team members will receive a pick-up request if they meet the following requirements:

  • They need to be part of the team of the shift or have the same function.

  • They are not scheduled to work during those hours yet.

Where can team members find pick-up requests?

If you send an open shift with a request, team members can find this request in two places:

  1. In Requests > Trade overview > Inbox.

  2. In Shifts > Schedule > on the day with the open shift.

How do you recognise an application in the schedule?

An open shift with a pick-up request sent to team members gets a loading icon.

As soon as a team member submits an application for an open shift, you can see this in the schedule. Shifts with a pending application get a loading icon with an exclamation mark.

By clicking on the open shift, you can see the application(s) and you can choose who you assign the open shift to.

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