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Configure the availability period
Configure the availability period

You can set up an availability period, so the availability closes automatically. In this article you learn how to set this up correctly.

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To avoid that team members set themselves as unavailable at the last moment, you can use the availability period. This is the period in which team members can submit their availability.

Configure the availability period

  1. Go to 'Planning' in the menu and click on 'Availability'.

  2. Click on 'Settings' at the top right. A window with the availability settings opens

  3. Click on 'Configure your availability period'.

When setting the availability period you indicate:

  • How many days/weeks/months in advance the availability closes.
    - Per day: Availability closes for one day.
    - Per week: The availability closes on a fixed weekday (eg Tuesday) for one or multiple weeks.
    - Per month: Availability closes on a fixed day of the month (eg every 1st of the month) for one or multiple months.

  • For how many days/weeks/months the availability period will be open.

  • How many days in advance team members get a reminder that the next period closes.
    ⚠️ Note: Team members don't get a push notification that the availability is closing, they get a warning in the app of Eitje.

To get an idea of how the availability settings are configured, you can see an example at the bottom of the next time the availability period moves up.

On the availability page at the top left corner it also shows which period is currently open.

Example of the availability period

This will become clearer with an example. We try to achieve the following:

  • Availability closes per 1 week.

  • availability always closes on the Wednesday, 2 weeks in advance.

  • Team members cannot submit their availability for more than 4 weeks in the future.

➡️ Every Wednesday the availability closes for over two weeks. Team members can then no longer submit their availability for 1 week. They can also not submit availability for more than 4 weeks in advance. On top of that, they also receive a notification 3 days in advance that the availability will close.

Because 4 weeks in the future are always open, every Wednesday a new week in the future automatically opens. This way, team members can always indicate their availability for 4 weeks.

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