Beast Bucks is essentially credit that you can use to pay for rentals in the Beast Rent app!

In order to win Beast Bucks credit, you must first receive a Beast Token.

There are various ways to earn tokens, such as sharing your personal promo code with friends or using exclusive promotional codes. The tokens, in turn, can be used to spin the Beast Wheel of Fortune and win Beast Bucks. You can find your personal promo code under the menu item "Promo Code". Be sure to share it with friends who haven’t Beasted yet! This way you and them both get a token and therefore a chance to win Beast Bucks!

Beast Bucks rules:

  • The promo code distributor and their friends must all successfully verify their driver's license and add a valid payment method in order for the registration to be considered successful and token applied.

  • The promo code distributor will receive a maximum of 10 tokens, so the bonus will be applied only for the first ten successfully registered friends even if there are more.

  • The one who uses a promo code for their first time will always receive a token, even if the distributor’s threshold, the limit of 10, has already been reached.

  • Beast Bucks can not be withdrawn or used to pay for luxury model rentals at

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