Opening A New Conversation

To ask your question, simply open the pink chat icon at the bottom anywhere on our website and select "New Conversation." (Be sure to add your Website URL so we can better assist you.)

Note: If you close the chat box, don't worry, you will receive our response via email automatically. Your message will not be lost. 

Your Previous Conversations

You can see a complete list of your previously opened conversations by selecting "See Previous". Your conversation history will always be available and it does include any messages sent from email or the chat box. You can also request a text transcript of any conversation from our Support Team.

Searching Our Help Center

You can quickly search through a list of help articles using the search field when you open the chat box or browse the entire help center here. 

Searching Our Community Forum

Our Community Forum has a wealth of knowledge and you can search for previously answered questions by going to our Members Area Help Tab > Community Forum > Search.

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