With Divi 3.20+, the new Support Center can be accessed in your WordPress Dashboard from the Divi menu and it includes five main areas.

System Status

The System Status area will give you an overview of your hosting environment configuration and can point to possible compatibility problems with Divi. When the lights are green it means that your configuration meets the recommended value. When red, it means that the configuration does not meet the recommended value and you should probably address it. And lastly, yellow, when you may consider making adjustments to the value.

Adjusting the hosting environment configuration values to the correct recommended values will solve most of the common issues that customers experience, and, will save a lot of back-and-forth between you and our Support Team.

To see the full report you can click on Show Full Report and the area will expand to show the full list. In cases where you need to send the report to a person from our Support Team, click on Copy Full Report and it will be added to your clipboard so all you will need to do is paste it.

If you are not comfortable with editing configuration files we recommend reaching out to your hosting provider support and they should be able to help you out.

Elegant Themes Support

The Remote Access area is a feature that we are super excited about! This will allow our Support Team to provide a seamless support experience that is unmatched. 

How does it work?

When you need assistance, you can enable Remote Access option to send a secured encrypted token to our Support Team which can be used to log into your WordPress Dashboard. While the Remote Access option is enabled the Support Team will have limited access to your dashboard but full admin access can be granted if required by enabling the Activate Full Admin Privileges option.

You also have the option to copy the token and share it with the Support Team manually in case the token is not passed automagically.

The Remote Access token will expire in 4 days and if you wish to, you can disable it directly once the issue has been resolved. Disabling Divi will also disable the token.

Divi Documentation & Help

If you are a new to Divi this is the place where you can watch our introduction videos and get started. This area only includes the getting started documentation but we have many more! You click on the View Full Divi Documentation link located at the bottom of this area.

Safe Mode

The most common issues experienced by people are usually caused by a 3rd party plugin conflict, a child theme or custom coding like custom CSS and JavaScript. With Safe Mode enabled, all your 3rd party plugins, child theme and custom code is temporarily disabled for you. That means your visitors experience will not change while you or someone from our Support Team investigates the problem. If the problem is gone, you know that it's caused by a 3rd party conflict and we can move on to trying to fix it.

You can easily disable Safe Mode on any page in your WordPress Dashboard by clicking on the green Turn Off Divi Safe Mode floating button located on the bottom right.


Lastly, the Logs area which will display all errors, warnings and notices that occurred on your website. Error log entries can be very helpful to our Support Team while investigating problems and we recommend enabling WP_DEBUG_LOG while investigating the issue you are experiencing.

To share the error log entries with our Support Team, you can quickly download or copy the log to your clipboard by using the buttons located at the bottom of the Logs area. 

Supporting our customers is a very important aspect of our service and we are super excited to see the positive impact Support Center will have on all our support interactions. 

If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to chat with us. As always, 💓.

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