To submit content, click the "SUBMIT" button located in the main navigation bar on the top of the ELEVATOR website. This page will take you through a 5 step process to submit your content.

Step 1 : Choose Submission

The first step is to choose your submission type. ELEVATOR offers general submissions, Sponsored Articles, and several Promotional Submission options. Select your desired submission type and click the "NEXT" button to proceed to the next step. On Mobile, simply select your desired submission type to proceed to the next step.

Submission Types

  • Standard Submission

  • Sponsored Article

  • Featured Sponsor Article

  • Promoted Post

  • Featured Promoted Post

  • Instagram Post

  • Instagram Story

  • YouTube Audio Upload

  • YouTube Video Upload

To learn more about a specific submission type you can click on the submission type above to read an in-depth description. What Type of Content Can I Submit?

Step 2 : Submission Info

The second step requires you to add your submission info.

  • Submission Title: This should either be the title of your content, such as your song or video title, OR the title you would like for a Promoted Post.

  • Download or Streaming Link: This should be a link to view or listen to your content. If your content is not yet released, make sure you are using a shareable private link or unlisted youtube link. If we cannot access your link, your submission will be declined.

  • Artwork: This should be your track, mixtape, or album artwork, a screenshot of your video, or a press photo of your or your content. Make sure your photo is HQ and ideally not smaller than 1080px

  • Description: This should be a general description of your content or any information you would like us to know to consider your submission. Please DO NOT include social links in the description; you will be able to provide social media links in the next step.

  • Content Certification: Clicking this checkbox is required and certifies that you have the authority or permission to submit this content to ELEVATOR.

The following options are available in Sponsored Articles only

  • Sponsored Label: Checking this checkbox will display the Sponsor Name provided in the Sponsored label; "Sponsored by ... ". Use this field if you are a label, pr company, or advertiser who wants their name visible on the sponsored article.

  • Preferred Writer: Select a preferred writer if you have a relationship with or have a specific ELEVATOR writer you would like to write your article if your submission is approved. Selected writers receive a percentage of the Sponsored Article fee.

Step 3 : Give Credit

The third step asks to provide creative credits for any creator involved in the creation of your content. Give credit to other artists, producers, and directors. Credits include the creator's name and social media links and are displayed within the posts on the ELEVATOR website and helps ELEVATOR staff tag and mention creators in social media posts. Once you are happy with your credits click "NEXT" to proceed to the next step, or if you choose to not add any credits click "SKIP".

  • Credit Type: First, select the type of credit you would like to give a creator; "Artist", "Producer" or "Director".

  • Creator Search: Second, search to see if the creator already has an ELEVATOR profile. If they are already signed up with ELEVATOR you can simply select the creator's profile to attach them to the submission. If the creator does not have an ELEVATOR you can select "+ Add New" to add their name, email, and social links. If you add their email, they will receive an invite to Sign Up for an account.

  • Save: Once you've select an existing user profile or added a new creator credit, make sure to click "Save" to attach them to your submission.

  • Edit Credits: If you accidentally added an incorrect credit or made a mistake adding a new credit you may delete or edit credit information after they are attached to your submission.

Step 4 : Review

The fourth step is to review all the information for your submission. Review your Submission Title, Content Link, Description, and Images, If everything looks correct click "Checkout" to proceed to the final step.

Step 5 : Checkout

The last step is to check out with your preferred payment method.

  • First, review your submission type and fees. Then, choose your preferred payment method; Credit Card, Paypal, or pay with Bitcoin via Bitpay.

  • Fill the required payment fields

  • Once you have filled out your payment information click "PAY AND SUBMIT".

    Clicking this button will submit your submission information to ELEVATOR for staff review and a payment hold placed on your Credit Card or Payment Account. ONLY Standard Submissions fee charges will be processed immediately. All other submission and promotion fees are processed ONLY if accepted.

Check On Your Submission Status

After completing your submission you may at any time, review the status of each of your submissions by clicking your user profile icon and clicking “My Submissions” in your user menu.

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