Freeze-dried raw food safety
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James & Ella's Freeze-dried raw is room temperature stable and can be stored in the kitchen cabinet and served straight to bowl safely and conveniently. โ€จ
The freeze-drying process removes 98% of the moisture, which creates a very hostile environment for bacteria to grow, and every batch of freeze-dried raw food is sent to an independent lab, tested for Salmonella and other pathogens before it reaches your dog's bowl.

However, we would always recommend you handle freeze-dried food in the same way that you would any raw product, and always wash hands and clean feeding equipment after serving. We work closely with our manufacturer who have rigorous standards, continued quality handling methods.

As well as the use of good HACCP controls, DEFRA approved microbiological testing, raw material traceability and outstanding in-house microbiological practices. Our manufacturer complies with the Legal Trading Requirement of the APHA (Animal Plant Healthy Agency) which ensures we abide by all EU and UK laws to ensure the safety of our foods.

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