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Is your cold-pressed food low-fat?
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Written by Lauren Hudson
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Yes! James & Ella’s cold-pressed chicken food is proudly ranked #6 in the best low fat dog food out of 1300+ brands listed on the independent dog food rating website, All About Dog Food! We would recommend to feed our chicken recipe, which contains 8.6% crude fat. Our ocean fish recipe contains 11% crude fat.

The current veterinary recommendation for dogs with pancreatitis is to feed a diet containing less than 10% fat. The aim of this is to ensure the pancreas isn’t having to work extra hard to digest fat in the food. Our cold-pressed chicken recipe is safely under the 10% fat recommendation for dogs suffering with pancreatitis. We always recommend consulting your vet first before changing your dog’s diet, especially in cases of severe pancreatitis.

Lauren Hudson,

Canine Nutrition Specialist & Customer Success Manager at Ella & Co

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