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How can I get free months of unlimited mastering?
How can I get free months of unlimited mastering?
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Our referral program will give you (and the person you refer) a free month of a subscription plan when your friend signs up for a paid subscription using your referral code.

To take advantage of this offer you must first be logged into eMastered. Once logged in head over to the "Free Mastering," tab in the menu located on the bottom left corner of our website.

Once there the easiest method is to click the green "Copy Link," button found on the "Free Mastering," page of our menu (see the photo below).

Once the "Copy Link," button has been clicked button your referral URL will be copied into your browser. Simply "Paste," it in an email or any other communication channel to share it with friends.

Another easy option is to use the "Invite via Twitter," or "Invite via Facebook," options on the middle part of the site to open paths to your social media accounts. For Twitter simply tweet the message that is autopopulated for you, and when a friend signs up with the URL in that message the referral code will automatically be applied to your and their account (see the photo below).

For the "Invite with Facebook," option you will need to write your own message to post, as Facebook does not allow us to write the message for you. However the link that is included in that post works the same way as the Twitter link does, and if a friend of yours clicks that link and purchases a plan the referral code is automatically applied. The photo below shows an example of how this works

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